How to merge two business Facebook pages together?

Keanu Whitmore
How to merge two business Facebook pages together?

Merging Basics: The ABCs of Connecting Two Facebook Business Pages

Here's a little slice of the digital world that no one tells you about - merging two business Facebook pages is no small feat. The process is not as straightforward as one would expect - it's kind of like trying to pair two socks from a pile of mismatched ones. However, don’t worry, yours truly, Keanu, has got your back. I've been through this maze myself and emerged victorious, and now, using the wisdom of my experience, I'll show you how to navigate it as well.

Oh, before we go any further, let me assure you that this process isn't rocket science. With the right knowledge and a little patience, you'll get through it in no time. It's no harder than trying to convince my teenage son that cleaning his room can, in fact, be fun (a battle I've yet to win, by the way).

Now, let's talk procedure. To merge two Facebook pages, you must first ensure that the pages are similar in description and name. Essentially, they need to look like two peas in a pod. This might mean renaming one or both pages to establish similarity. Remember, this requires an approval process from Facebook that may be as choosy as my friend Karl choosing a restaurant for dinner (don’t get me started on that!). So, be prepared for some work here.

Once you've got that sorted, secondly, you need to ensure both these pages are managed under the same Facebook Business Manager account. This isn't necessarily a 'one-click' job, but hey, we've all signed up for this ride. Patience is your friend here. Beware though, Facebook might require some personal identity verification at this stage. It's kind of like that bouncer at an exclusive club, unusually bulky and unquestionably stern. However, we're used to jumping through a few hoops, right?

Endorse the Terms and Squeeze the Trigger: Initiating the Merge Process

Now, don't get scared away by the headline. We're just getting into the real meat of the process. In the third stage, we'll be initiating the merge process. This involves sending a request to Facebook to endorse our intentions of bundling these two pages together. The process begins in the settings tab of your Facebook Business Manager. Now, I know, the settings page may look as complex as the control panel of a spaceship, but hold on, we’re navigating this together.

The key here is to look for the ‘Merge Pages’ click. It's kind of like finding Waldo, but unlike Waldo, this one comes with straightforward instructions. Once you find it, click on that button, and voila, you're halfway there. However, here's a pro-tip from me: before you press that fateful button, ensure you’ve backed up all the essential information, images, videos, reviews, check-ins, and so on. It's like prepping for a huge storm - better safe than sorry!

When you click on 'Merge Pages', Facebook would then offer you a bunch of pages that can be merged. Choose the two (or more) pages you're merging - it's like choosing which dishes will end up on your plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet. After this, it's just a waiting game – let Facebook do its thing!

The Waiting Game: Facebook Does its Thing

Now that we've clicked the 'Merge Pages' button, we're in waiting mode. It's like waiting for your favourite pizza to be delivered - you know it's coming, but boy, it feels like forever! Because the ever-so-picky Facebook is reviewing our request like a drill sergeant inspecting his troops.

Please note that this waiting period varies often. I once had a request go through in just a couple of days (quicker than a kangaroo on a trampoline), and another time, it took a solid week (quite a contrast!). So keep that in mind. Check for the progress often - don’t sit around waiting like I once did for my first girlfriend to call (spoiler alert – she never did!).

You might be biting your nails worrying about this, but trust me - it's just Facebook being overly protective of its community. I mean, imagine if it was as lax as my dog when the doorbell rings. So, once your request has been approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you. It's kind of like the ‘eureka’ moment for Archimedes, but in a digital setting.

The Aftermath: Making the Most of Your Newly Merged Page

Now, once your pages are neatly tucked into one, like those perfectly folded fitted sheets (does anyone else find these as pesky as I do?), it’s time to make the most of this newly merged bot. You've got a fresh slate, and it's your chance to put your best content here, engage with your audience, and maximize conversions.

A helpful tip here is to announce the merge to your audience in advance. This could prevent any confusion or surprise among your followers. It's kind of like when they changed the actors in my favorite soap opera overnight - talk about a real shocker!

Overall, the maneuver of merging Facebook business pages can indeed feel as daunting as catching a shark with a fishing rod. But if you follow this guide, step by step, you'll find it isn't as fearsome. In fact, you might even find it fun (ok maybe not fun, but bearable at the least)!

After all, even the most substantial challenges can be overcome with knowledge, patience, and a positive attitude. And who knows, one day, you might confidently say that merging two business Facebook pages is as easy as pie - a pie you've baked following this simple recipe by yours truly, Keanu.